Real Estate Q&A: Avoiding Rental Scams and How to Build a Career in Real Estate

How to Avoid Rental Scams :: Mint.com/blog

Zillow real estate investment writer and long-term investor Leonard Baron, MBA, is answering questions from MintLife readers. If you have a question about investment properties, cash flows, insurance, mortgage financing, homeowners associations, renting versus owning, foreclosures and more, drop Leonard an email. Avoiding Rental Scams Marge of Columbus, OH asks: I keep hearing about rental-property scams,...  Read more


How to Start Investing: Part 1

How to Start Investing - Part 1 :: Mint.com/blog

It’s Financial Literacy Month again! How did you celebrate last year? I bet your financial literacy party wasn’t as much of a rager as mine, which consisted of a comfy couch, a local craft beer, and a big pile of personal finance books. This year, I’m bringing the party to you. I’m going to teach...  Read more


10 Steps to a Cheaper Easter

10 Steps to a Cheaper Easter :: Mint.com/blog

Easter’s on its way, which means candy galore, expensive church outfits, and untold amounts of money for a ham dinner at the local restaurant. Thank God that stupid rabbit hops along only once a year, right? Well, if you play it right, and exercise a little ingenuity, your Easter bill can run so cheap you...  Read more


Do Credit Scores Reward You for Having Debt?

Do Credit Scores Reward You for Having Debt? :: Mint.com/blog

Credit scoring has become ubiquitous in consumer lending, insurance underwriting, tenant screening, and utilities. A solid credit score will help to open the door for inexpensive or interest free financing, cheaper auto and homeowner’s insurance and the waiving of deposit requirements. Having a poor credit score means limited and expensive financing options, deposits, and difficultly...  Read more


Top 3 Financial Mistakes Young Professionals Make

Top 3 Financial Mistakes Young Professionals Make :: Mint.com/blog

Entering the real world is exciting. For young professionals this often means getting your first career-track job, moving into your own place and taking full control of your finances. While everyone wants to get started on the right foot, there are some common mistakes young professionals make that can have long-lasting impact. Figuring It Out...  Read more

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6 Ways to Cook Food From a Hotel Room

6 Ways to Cook Food From a Hotel Room :: Mint.com/blog

Dining out is definitely one of the perks of going on vacation. Just because you’re staying in a hotel doesn’t mean you can’t finagle a homemade meal or two, though. The easiest workaround, of course, is to book a hotel room that has either a full or limited kitchen. They’re not that hard to find—and...  Read more