EMV: The New Microchip Coming to Your Credit Card Soon

EMV The Microchip Coming to Your Credit Card Soon ::

Counterfeiting isn’t as glamorous as it used to be. In the book The Art of Making Money, master counterfeiter Art Williams spends months matching wits with a $100 bill, analyzing and methodically defeating its anti-counterfeiting measures. Counterfeiters like Williams are a dying breed. Counterfeiting currency has become a sucker’s game. It’s hard to do, and the...  Read more


Why is Warren Buffett Offering a Billion Dollar Bracket?

Why is Warren Buffet Offering a Billion Dollar Bracket? ::

What if somebody told you that, simply by filling out a bracket for the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, you could win 1 billion dollars? Pretty neat, right? But what if they told you the catch was, you had to be perfect? That’s right — the only way to win the billion would be to accurately...  Read more


4 Actions Every Homeowner Should Take Right Now

4 Acitons Every Homeowner Should Take Right Now ::

What makes something worth the time and the money? When it comes to your home, it’s all about long-term benefits. These four actions will save you tons of time and money down the road! Plant Trees If you have a yard that can handle it, planting a few trees on your property will go a...  Read more


How to Lower Room and Board Costs at College

How to Lower Room and Board Costs at College ::

When saving money for a child’s college education, tuition isn’t the only concern. A recent survey by the College Board found on-campus room and board accounts for more than 50% of the total cost at in-state schools. That cost can range on average from $7,500 to $9,500 per year. While financial aid is available to...  Read more

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How to Maintain a Personal Budget for Dating

How to Maintain a Personal Budget for Dating ::

We budget everything in our lives — food, entertainment, travel, and so on. One thing we don’t tend to think about in terms of savings though, is dating. When we take somebody out for a night on the town, we tend to want to go all out. This is especially true if you’ve just met...  Read more


Are Paper Books Still a Good Buy?

Are Paper Books Still a Good Buy? ::

Recently, news broke that a company known as G Asset Management wants to buy 51% of Barnes and Noble, in an attempt to save the one-mighty bookstore from going the way of the dodo. On the surface, this seems like a huge waste of money, like investing in phonographs or 8-tracks. As electronic books become...  Read more

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6 Tips to Avoiding DIY Dinner Disasters

How to Avoid DIY Dinner Disasters ::

For a creative foodie, inspiration sites like Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and I Wanna Nom! crowd-source plenty of fodder: Cheap ideas for tonight’s dinner. Creative DIY food projects like bacon bowls and homemade chai ice cream. Fancy homemade cakes and cupcakes with the wow-factor of a professional baker’s endeavors, for a fraction of the price. OK, but...  Read more


Real Estate Q&A: How Large Should an Earnest Money Deposit Be and What Should I Do With a Bad Property Investment?

What to Do With a Bad Real Estate Investment ::

Zillow real estate investment writer and long-term investor Leonard Baron, MBA, is answering questions from MintLife readers. If you have a question about investment properties, cash flows, insurance, mortgage financing, homeowners associations, renting versus owning, foreclosures and more, drop Leonard an email. Earnest Money Deposits Mike of Oakland, CA asks: I’m trying to buy a property...  Read more


Tax Tips for Schedule C Filers

Tax Tips for Schedule C Filers ::

Last year, I fulfilled a lifelong dream: getting paid to tell jokes. Every week, I cohost a comedy podcast about food (I’m not going to plug it, but it’s not hard to find). The show is free, but we ask listeners to voluntarily subscribe and send us a few bucks a month, NPR-style. Enough people...  Read more