4 Ways Budget Software Makes Your Life Simpler

Budget software lets you manage your finances without stacks of paperwork.

The choice is yours: Budgeting can be complicated, or simple. Complicated budgets take more time than necessary to achieve the same goals that intuitive budget software does with minimal effort. If you enjoy data entry, poring over statements and stopping to check the status of available funds before you leave the house, then a complicated budget is the way to go. But if you'd rather have the same or better results with minimal effort, budget software is probably the right choice for you.

Mint.com offers numerous ways to simplify your life and maximize your finances. Here are 4 perks that could change the way you think about budgeting forever:

Mint.com Speaks the Same Language You Speak

No confusing terms or strings of complicated data here. Mint.com presents your financial information in plain language, so you won't have to wonder what the "UTX-2445 -- $25" charge on your credit card account really means.

With plain language, budgeting is simpler. The name of the business where you spent money is clearly identified, so you know at a glance which transactions have posted. Not only that, but transactions are placed in the correct category every time. When you shop at a grocery store, the transaction appears in the appropriate category in your budget before you unload the car at home.

Mint.com has customization possibilities as unique as you are.

There are Customization Possibilities at Every Turn

Although Mint.com has pre-made categories that you can use, customization means you can rename and personalize almost anything you want. If you need a category for craft supplies, all you have to do is add it. Craft store purchases appear in that part of your budget automatically. If a charge ends up in the wrong category, re-categorize and the next charge will know where it belongs.

You can also split charges among categories. The craft store might have a special sale on candy bars, which would fit into a discretionary spending category better than crafts. It's really that smart, and it's really that easy to keep track of how you spend money.

Data Entry is Practically Eliminated

After the initial setup, which does require entering accounts and some other data, budget software is designed to do the menial chores from there on out. Swipe your card at a gas station, and the transaction automatically deducts from your checking account balance, appears in a "fuel" category if you like, and reflects on your overall budget.

The paperwork and data entry involved with traditional budgeting, including some older budget software, disappears when everything updates as it happens.

Historical Data Lets You Create a Better Future

Your initial budget might not be ideal, but you have to start somewhere. Over time, your earning, spending and saving habits are revealed as patterns. These patterns have the information that you need to update your budget into something much more effective.

At the end of 6 months or a year, you might be surprised to learn how much was spent on cable TV, shoe shopping, or even your morning coffee. Seeing this information in clear terms lets you make adjustments and take better control of your money.

Budget software simplifies your life. And a simple budget is easier to stick with. Using Mint.com's interactive budget software for your home computer and combining it with mobile apps, you've got all the tools you need.

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