7 Chores To Budget For When Selling Your House

7 Chores To Budget For When Selling Your House

It's springtime, which means it's time to sell your house! Unless, of course, you want to keep living there.

But if you are looking to sell and move elsewhere, this is the best time to do so. According to realtor.com, spring and summer are the two best seasons to sell.

The weather is warm, everything is bright and shiny, and prospective buyers are in the best possible moods. This goes extra for the summer months, during which roughly half of all home sales go down.

Of course, you don't want to screw all that up with a sub-par showing. Few things will sour a sale like pointing to a run-down, dirty old shack and trying to convince people that it's worth six figures. You need to spruce up your property and make every last bit of it look market-ready.

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Here's what you need to keep in mind as you get your house ready for some prime money making:


Nodiv wants to buy a house that looks like Casper's been lounging there for centuries. People want nice, bright colors, and if your current setup isn't that, you might want to make it so. Hit the local paint shop and pick up some hues that will make every room stand out.

Keep in mind though, not to make the rooms stand out in a bad way. Unique colors, like purple, hot pink, or plaid are fine once someone settles in and makes the house their own, but you'll just end up turning off the majority of buyers by painting that way.

Stick to neutral, Earth-tone colors, like beige, white, light brown, and light green, and you should see both interest and your price tag rise very quickly.


If your floors are raggedy, creaky, and filled with bumps and holes, buyers will be too busy leaving to even risk stepping on them.

Replace any bit of flooring that looks old, worn, or out-of-place. Take the time (and spend the cash) to let people know that this is a floor that anydiv could feel good walking around in.


That roof also needs to be looked at. The last thing you need is for somediv to be impressed with the house, announce they'll take it, and then get rained on thanks to a big leak in the roof.

Whether you hire a roofer or do it yourself, be sure to include room in your budget for taking care of your humble abode's hat. Everyone who lies there in the future will thank you for it.

Driveway Maintenance

First impressions are huge, and the first thing most people see with a new house is the driveway they park on. Make sure they don't step onto rocky, bumpy, dangerous pavement, loaded with ankle-busting potholes. Pick up some cement and re-pave that sucker.

It'll suck while actively doing it, but that fat check you get from a happy buyer sure won't suck.

Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

Cleaning can be terribly frustrating, simply because it never ends. There's always something else that needs cleaning, or something else that can be shined to a brighter sheen.

Worse yet, if you render a room spotless, but then an accident occurs and messes everything up? Time to clean it all over again!

Sadly, this is a necessary evil, because almost every interested buyer you'll meet expects any house they visit to be so clean and dirt-free, even the merriest of Merry Maids wouldn't find any work to do there. All it takes is one neglected corner and you've lost a sale.

So clean every last inch, or hire that Merry Maid to do so. Either way, take the time and spend the money.


This probably won't be the most expensive item on your budget, but lighting might be one of the most important. Unless you're selling your home to Batman, chances are a dark, dank cave-like home won't appeal to many buyers.

So budget for replacing all the bulbs and light fixtures in the house, even if they're not burnt out yet. You don't want to chance them doing just that during a pivotal point of the sale (in other words, ANY point of the sale.)


Make sure your grass is cut evenly, that any dead spots are covered up somehow (with something like flowers or a birdbath), all dead leaves are raked away, and the mailbox is repainted and made to look perfect.

If there are any loose tree branches, yank them off and get rid of them. No matter the cost, the outside of your house must look as perfect as the inside if you want to make the best sale possible.

You might not be selling the lawn, but the lawn can help sell your home. Don't neglect it. Either through your own two hands or via a hired landscaper, your budget must include lawn care.

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