How Mint Can Help You Create the Best Monthly Budget of Your Life

We have all been there: planning a monthly budget can often become quite tedious and complicated. A large number of people agonize over the task of reading over bank statements, trying to fill gaps in entries and categorizing purchases. Indeed, it's a difficult endeavor for any household in today's economy.

The founder of, Aaron Patzer, pretty much went through the same process and thus decided to build an application that would provide users the ability to budget effectively and easily. If you want to handle your finances better then there might be no better tool to use than Mint.

What is it?

Mint has been developed by using a unique categorization technology that helps users identify and organize transactions made in all of their accounts. Not only that, Mint has been constructed with a proprietary search algorithm that helps it identify saving opportunities specific to each user's financial history and pattern.

Mint is a budgeting application that does all of this automatically and provides useful, specific and smart recommendations for saving and investment and adhering to monthly budget functions.

The ultimate mission of Mint is to help people understand and utilize their money more effectively. This in turn would enable them to meet their financial objectives, save for a rainy day and be prepared for retirement.
Mint has already caught the attention of numerous national media outlets and has been awarded several industry honors from Money, PC and PCWorld magazines. It has also been named one of the top 50 websites by Time Magazine.

After its launch in 2007, Mint was acquired by Intuit, originators of Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax. Today, Mint is being used by millions of consumers, small business owners, financial institutions and credit unions.

Budget Tools

Mint is a free and easy to use budgeting application that collects all financial accounts and places them into one place. This helps users to see the overall picture of their financial situation and take decisions accordingly. Whether it's their checking, savings, investment or retirement account, Mint helps each individual stay on top of all their finances 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The New York Times has described Mint as a venue that provides all of "your financial situation in the palm of your hand." The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, has declared the website to be one of "the best online tools for personal finance."

Be sure to sign up for Mint and take advantage of some of these budgeting tools immediately.


Mint offers powerful features that are simple to use. Each visitor can see all of their accounts in one place (cash, credit cards, loans and/or investments) and they can stay up to date on their money since Mint automatically updates all accounts and categorizes each one. In addition, Mint can also send automatic alerts and reminders to a person's smartphone or email.

Most people are wary of using applications that deal with financial information. However, with Mint, users can rest easy because it is a safe and secure destination. It uses 128-bit SSL encryption and all data is protected and validated by TRUSTe and VeriSign. Mint has more than ten million users that trust it and use it regularly.

Overall, Mint offers various benefits for its user base, including auto categorization, easy budgeting, timely alerts, safety and security, effective tracking of investments, finding potential areas of saving, helpful graphs and applications specially designed for all devices.

Of course, what perhaps may be the most important and luring feature for all those who practice fiscal responsibility: it is absolutely free to use.

Remember, don't forget to sign up for Mint and start using these budget tools today.

Andrew Moran is a full-time professional writer and journalist, who covers business, economics and personal finance in Canada and the United States.