Keep Everyone on Track This Summer with the Mint Mobile App

Summer is often the busiest season of the year, due to kids being out of school, the variety of sporting events in season, and summer vacation travel. Children may be attending summer camp or other summer programs, and busy parents have to orchestrate more activity than they do during other times of the year.

Summer can be expensive too. The chauffeuring duties alone can put a lot of miles on a parent's car, and even the least expensive summer children's programs often have fees associated with them. Add in the cost of a summer vacation, and the expenses really add up.

Budgeting Can Easily Go By the Wayside

It's all too easy to let budgeting slip during the summer. After all, who wants the warm weather and variety of available activities go un-enjoyed? Sure, most families take some steps to avoid spending too much on a family vacation, but they don't want to ruin a great time with draconian spending rules.

USA Today article from 2012 quoted the average travel spending for summer was nearly $1,200 per person. It's not easy to stick to a budget when there are Sno Cones to be purchased and baseball games to be watched (complete with hot dogs and beer). But there are plenty of reasons to keep an eye on your budget during the laid back summer season.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Budget Over the Summer

Summer spending isn't as concentrated as the spending leading up to the Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa-New Year's holiday season, but the end of summer does bring its share of financial reality just like the credit card bills of January do. If you have children, they'll need back-to-school supplies, and you may need to have your heating system tuned up before the onset of cold weather. You yourself may need new things as autumn approaches, like a new raincoat or pair of work shoes.

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Come Labor Day, you'll be thankful that you kept up with your budget the best you could during summer. Even if you don't have kids, you'll soon be faced with budgetary matters like Thanksgiving travel, and maybe that great Halloween blow-out you've always wanted to throw. Keep spending under control this summer, and post-Labor Day commitments will be far less financially painful.

Mobility Can Help

Most people don't have the time or inclination to log onto their computer every day to check on their budget during the summer, but it turns out, you don't have to do that to keep up with your accounts. With Mint, you can download a free mobile app for your iPhone, Android, or Windows 8 phone and take your budget with you wherever you go.

Doing some shopping while your spouse takes the kids to the water park? You can check your credit card and checking account balances on the go to make sure that great sale item won't blow your budget. At the same time, he may receive an alert that the electric bill is due in five days.

Is your partner repainting the living room while you drive your brother to the airport? Have a look at your grocery spending and determine whether you should pick up a pizza or something fancier on the way home. Meanwhile she can check how much has been spent so far from the redecorating budget, without logging on to the computer that's underneath a drop cloth.

Track All Your Accounts at Once

Mint plus mobility means you have all your budgeting information at your fingertips wherever you happen to be. Not only can you track your budget easily and conveniently, you can also arrange to have alerts sent to your mobile device. Mint can notify you, for example, when you have bills due, and it can be set up to alert you should your bank account balance dip too low or your credit card spending approach your credit limit. It's the perfect way to keep up with your budget during the busy summer season.

Budgeting is part of life for anyone who wants to improve their financial situation, and Mint makes it as stress-free as possible. Once you sign up, you can track your bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, and retirement accounts in one place. Plus you can set up a budget that's attuned to your actual life, and customize line items corresponding to your actual spending. Finally, Mint helps you set financial goals and track your progress toward them. And you can take all of it with you on a convenient mobile app.

Next step: Sign up for Mint and take your budget with you wherever you go.