The Minimalist Guide To A Workable Monthly Budget

Spend a few minutes now and gain freedom later.

Gone are the days of complicated, time-consuming financial planning. With budget software, tedium and frustration are replaced by simplicity and accuracy, and best of all it's free.

If you're on the fence about whether's budget software is worth it, here are 4 reasons to make the switch. The only thing you have to lose is few minutes of time, but you'll gain control, awareness and a whole lot of freedom.

One-Time Setup Means Less Monthly Hassle

It's true, setting up any budget takes a bit of time. But the time saved later makes it all worthwhile. When you enter accounts using budget software, moments later you're connected to each financial institution. This includes credit cards and banks, retirement accounts, and investments. Your information not only imports automatically, it updates consistently. When you make a deposit, earn a dividend, or purchase something new, everything reflects in your budget without the need for a manual entry.

Automatic Categorization Removes the Guesswork is smart. In many cases, purchases are clear and go into the appropriate budget category on their own. For example, when you buy groceries, the purchase amount automatically deducts from the grocery category that you've set up. This lets you see how much you've spent, and how much you have left to spend for the month based on budget parameters you chose. Sometimes categories aren't as clear, but that's OK. can also learn which purchases go into which budget category. This is especially useful for cash entries.

Always Know What You've Got

If you've ever stopped to check a credit card or checking account balance before leaving the house, you'll appreciate the freedom that Mint's mobile apps offer. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can see not only specific accounts, but your budget as a whole no matter where you are. Never worry about whether you can afford an unexpected dinner date again when a mobile app keeps you on top of your entire budget at home or away.

No more poring over a stack of statements when does that for you.

Expert Recommendations do the Legwork for You

Interest rates change, but who has time to check every day? checks, and lets you know when a better deal is available elsewhere. When a different credit card from one you've got offers lower interest, you'll be the first to know. If your home mortgage loan isn't the best that you can get, shows where the better deals are. It's like having a financial advisor on the job all day and all night, and all at the touch of a button.

Graphs Show the Whole Picture

After creating your budget, you'll have the option of viewing each account and category in a graph that makes sense at a glance. Watch savings accounts grow, debts decline, and see how every aspect of your budget compares to the rest. You can even drill down and see progressively more concise graphs, which lets you examine individual account performance. makes budgeting simple and easy. Once it's set up with your information, the software does the rest. Updates are timely, overviews are accurate, and you can even toy with budget possibilities to plan for the future.

Sign up for your free account today, and see how easy budgeting can be.