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Video Reviews of the Mint.com Budgeting Program

Chances are, you've already heard and read a lot about the financial software products that Mint.com has to offer. But there's a difference between watching a demo or reading instructions, and hearing firsthand from actual users.

Mint products come highly recommended for simplicity, security, and accuracy. If you want to get a handle on your budget without committing to hours in front of a computer, but aren't quite ready to make the leap, listen and watch as these real people explain their experiences and recommend Mint.com for your budget needs.

Founder Aaron Patzer Explains How to Use Mint.com

First things first, how about that demo? If you haven't perused the Mint.com site, maybe you aren't familiar with all of the features of this budgeting software.

In this video, Mint.com founder, Aaron Patzer, gives a brief explanation of what Mint.com is, and how it can work for you:

Mint.com Shows Me the Money

Next up, we have Carley at Digitwirl. Carley digs in and really uses products before offering reviews to her Youtube followers.

In this video, Carley walks you through setup, and gives helpful tips for saving time. She also explains why Mint.com is safe, and shows how easy it is to keep track of spending and make budget adjustments on the fly.

Mint.com Review - Wealth Artisan - WealthArtisan.com

Timothy Artisan of Wealth Artisan gives a more technical review, explaining the various screens that Mint.com budget software uses, and shows you how to work within them.

This video takes a bit longer to watch because it's more comprehensive. Artisan mixes in a bit of financial advice while exploring different budgeting features, such as alerts, budget overview, entering accounts, setting up and managing categories, and creating a workable budget.

Mint.com iPhone App Review

In this review, Adam Weiss talks about the Mint.com mobile app. He touches on the features you can access using a smartphone or tablet, and stresses that everything is read-only. This means even if you lose your phone, you're in no danger of someone withdrawing or moving your money around.

The last line in this review sums it all up: This app can't be beat!

TimeDog.com Product Review - Mint.com

In this final video review, Yasmeen with TimeDog.com gives a brief overview of Mint.com at its best. She stresses the "quick and easy" aspect of Mint's products, and the personalization capabilities that make this budget software suitable for almost everyone.

She shows charts that reveal where money is spent, and stresses how easy it is to set up savings goals.

You'd be hard pressed to find any negative review of Mint.com products. The New York Times calls Mint one of "The best online tools for personal finance." The Wall Street Journal says, "Your financial situation, in the palm of your hand."

If that's not enough, how about this? Money magazine, Time, and CNN Money have all awarded Mint.com the accolade one of the best websites. It's also been reviewed on Good Morning America.

If you want to simplify your budget, save money, and spend less time doing it, the time is right for Mint.com. Sign up for your free account today, and maybe you'll be the next to post a glowing video review on YouTube.