Why it's Easier than You Think to Manage a Budget

Why it's Easier than You Think to Manage a Budget

Budgeting really doesn't need to be that complicated with technology.

Too many people think it's difficult to manage a budget, so they don't bother. The truth is that it couldn't be easier, especially when you have Mint's budgeting software. There is no need to worry about difficult number crunching and lots of categories for your spending. You could be on your way to your financial goals within minutes.

View All Accounts at a Glance

One of the biggest benefits is that you can see the different accounts you have at a glance. Just by logging in, you can view how far away you are from your savings goal and whether you're overspending. There is no need to input all your information to manage a budget with Mint. The software automatically connects to most financial institutions with internet banking capabilities.

Once together, the accounts are split into categories. You can see your loan amounts go down, while watching your checking account and know where you stand with everything.

Categories to Understand Your Spending

You want to know where you spend money. That will help you keep an eye on whether your purchases are necessary or if you can cut back on them. All the tracking is done in plain English, so you see exactly which store or business you spent the money in and the amount. No more string of confusing letters and numbers.

Everything is placed in automatic categories to help with managing the budget. However, you can create your own categories and re-categorize as needed. It makes your budget personalized for better management.

Budgeting apps makes it easy to keep your accounts separate but view all at a glance.

Easy Graphs for Tracking

Look back over the month's spending or your annual budget easily. The software shows everything in graph format for easy visual. From there, you can assess where you need to cut back and whether it is possible. You can see just how far off your savings goals you were or whether you need to focus more on your debt.

The graphs can focus on a specific expense, a category or the account as a whole. You can also track your investments to see whether they are paying off or if you need to look into better options.

Tracking on the Go

You don't want to manage a budget just at your computer. You want to keep track of your spending while you're out, and Mint makes that possible with the mobile app. It is suitable for Android, Windows or Apple smartphones and tablets and will show you everything you need at an easy glance. There is no need to check the bank balance at a cash machine anymore. Quickly open the app and make sure you can afford that purchase.

It really has never been easier to manage a budget. There is no need for technical or financial experience. Simply open an account, download the software, and keep an eye on your expenses wherever you are. You will soon see where you can cut back or where you need to concentrate on more to suit your financial needs. At the end of the year, look back and create a new one for the year ahead.

Alexandria Ingham is a freelance writer with experience in technology, budgeting and personal finance.