4 Reasons a Budget App is the Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving

Tis the season of giving gifts, and there's no better gift than financial security. There's also no one more worthy of that gift than you and your family.

Financial advice is as easy to find as turning over a rock, but you still need a way to manage the choices you make. You can buy yourself the gift of a complicated budget software suite with a hefty price tag, or you can choose something smarter and simpler.

With Mint.com's handy budget app, you might just find that the best gift this year doesn't even cost a penny.

See Your Budget in Real Time, All the Time

A budget on paper is great, but it comes with all those pesky line items, calculations, and adjustments. Life gets busier every day, so you need a way to access real-time information about your finances without grabbing a pen and calculator.

With a budget app, most of the work is done for you. Better, you can take your budget anywhere you go. Whether you're standing in a checkout line, contemplating lunch, or wondering whether your budget has room for a trip to the salon after work, Mint.com's budget app shows exactly what you've got, any time and any place.

Make Adjustments Whenever You Like

Mint.com lets you tweak your budget without starting a new page in a ledger or sliding around entries on a spreadsheet. With a click here and another there, you can add or remove items, track spending, monitor investments, and set goals.

Because everything updates automatically, you can even play around with your budget to see what would happen if you made permanent changes such as packing lunch instead of eating out every day. Handy charts and graphs reveal how your nest egg can grow if you redirect that lunch money into savings.

Stay Connected with Everyone in Your Budget

Mint.com's budget app lets you and everyone else involved with your budget stay connected. With one account and an app on each smartphone or tablet, you and your spouse have equal access to information. This app is so smart, when you enter a cash purchase to your budget, every other mobile device updates instantly.

Multiple users means there's less risk of overspending. This is especially handy during holiday shopping trips and on vacation, or any time when you and your spouse might not regroup until lunch or dinner time. If you've spent $200 on a gift for grandpa, you don't have to worry that your spouse might unwittingly break the budget by making another large purchase.

Prepare For Next Year Early

Once the New Year rolls around, celebrations give way to reflection. January is a traditional time for resolutions, and financial promises to yourself are easier to keep with a budget app.

It's never too early to start preparing, regardless of which financial goal is on your mind. With Mint.com software, you can learn exactly where you stand right now, entertain new goals, implement a plan of action, and track your progress all the way to the next holiday season.

While checking off your gift list this season, don't forget yourself. Mint.com's budget app offers a comprehensive, accurate way to manage your finances. The best part is that you can absolutely afford it -- it's free.

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