How This Budget App Makes Any Time Productive Time

How This Budget App Makes Any Time Productive Time

Don't waste the minutes in the day by just waiting.

There are times in the day when you feel like you're wasting it. You may be stuck at the doctor's office waiting for your appointment or commuting from work with nothing to do. Instead of sitting and wasting the hours, you could work on your budgeting. Having a budget app is perfect for this, especially's free app.

Here are just some of the ways you can become more productive with your time.

Check All Your Accounts Are In Credit

Just assuming your accounts are in credit is not enough. The app will let you check everything from a glance, no matter where you are. All the accounts are automatically updated at the time of logging in, based on the information through all your online accounts. You can make sure your checking account is in credit, find out how much is in your savings account and double check those investments on the go.

See Where Your Spending Is Going

It's really easy to do your budgeting on the go with Everything is organized into categories for you, so you'll see whether more of your money is going on rent, utilities or those unneeded luxury items.

Want to rearrange your categories? You can do that while you're waiting for your next appointment or on the train home. Technology isn't perfect and won't know instantly how you like to categorize your spending, but you can put it in your perfect order from your phone.

A budget app makes it easy to stay productive no matter where you are.

Assess, Amend and Check Your Goals

Setting budgeting goals is important. You will want goals for all your different accounts, whether it is saving for a new house or investing for retirement. When you have a few spare minutes, log onto the app and assess your goals to see if you're on target. You can check to see if they're right for you and make the decision whether they need amending or not.

Assessing your goals and evaluating them is essential. It keeps them realistic and takes life seriously. Saving that $1,000 per month for retirement may have seemed like a good idea two months ago, but your work commitments and salary may have changed lately.

Reorganize Your Alerts

Is there a bill that you keep forgetting to pay? Maybe you're annoyed at going into your overdraft because you don't realize the money isn't in your account. While you're waiting for the train to get to you, use your time to reorganize or set your alerts. With's budget app, you can set up alerts for anything you want, and you'll get them through to your email or as a text message.

Track Your Expenses

You'll make purchases throughout the day. It's difficult to track them right there and then, but this is what downtime is for. While you're waiting in the queue to pay, open up your app and track the amount that your shopping list adds up to be. If you're not sure about that, use that time waiting for the train to total up the receipts and track all your expenses instead of waiting until you get home.

Don't waste time by sitting around waiting. You can use that downtime productively to work on your finances. All you need is's budget app and you'll be able to take control of your finances anywhere and at any time.