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Our program teaches middle school students the value of
saving money and reaching goals. Download the lesson plans,
worksheets, games and handouts below and your students
will be on their way to financial literacy.

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Lesson Plans

A financial wizard will help impart the importance of saving money in this lesson. Through a hypothetical job-based comprehension exercise, key concepts discussed in Lesson 1 will include income, taxes, and costs
With this bonus lesson, students will continue to think about personal finances, and use a bar graph to look more closely at their personal spending habits.
How banks function is at the core of Lesson 2, with students using straightforward computation to learn about savings, simple interest, and more.
Students will learn about stocks and certificates of deposit in this lesson, using line graphs to examine the changing price of a stock as it fluctuates over a fixed time period.


Student Worksheet 1: Financial Wizard

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Online Worksheet 1: Graphing It Out

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Student Worksheet 2: Under the bed or in...

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Online Worksheet 2: How Things Are Lining Up

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Family handout

Math and money handout

Created by Scholastic and, Math and Money is a financial
literacy program that will help your child develop the tools necessary to
successfully budget and save their money. You can further your child's
understanding of financial literacy by using's powerful
resources to promote financial responsibility at home. Download now

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Dear Money. You're a two-timing lousy piece of paper. I've tried saving you my entire life (and trust me, it's no easy feat). And through all that time, you have the gall to inform me that you've been around in other people's pants? What is this? Has my lifelong relationship with you been a sham? I thought we had something special. But I guess I was wrong. And the worst part of this whole ordeal is your blatant apathy. You never cared about me (or anydiv else for that matter) as much as I cherished you. Read more
It was a scorching hot day in India and, as I stepped out of the air-conditioned clothing store, I could barely stand the heat wave that hit me. Outside the streets were crowded with travelers hurrying to their locations and vendors desperately trying to beat out the competition. They weren't the only people on the street. Barely two minutes had passed before I was approached by a small child who looked like she could've been in the third grade. However, she wore tattered clothes, looked dirty, and appeared to be very hungry. The child was a beggar. There aren't just one or two beggars in the streets of India; there are hundreds, maybe thousands. Why are they all there? It is because of money. Read more
"You have to take care of that money," my mom said giving me a stern look. I took the crumpled and partly ripped dollar bill out of the pocket of my jeans. She chuckled, took the dollar out of my outstretched hand and began to flatten it with the palm of her hand. After her futile attempt to bring back the dirty old dollar bill to its former glory, she sighed and folded it once over. Read more

Games & videos

Interactive Game
Try out this interactive online challenge NOW to see the impact of smart money decisions. Play now
Quest for Credit video – Complete Version (HD)