How to Manage Finances if You're Not Good at Math

If you're like a lot of people, math class in your school days was like a trip to the dentist -- something unavoidable, difficult and dreaded. Chalk it up to a left brain/right brain thing, a deep-seeded phobia of numbers, or just the memory of getting called up to the chalkboard in front of the whole class to solve an equation that you couldn't possibly even begin to understand. Some of us are just mathematically challenged. But the fact is, we still have to manage finances -- in our homes, at work or for our families. Don't worry, there's hope; even for those of us who see math as a different language.

Although math was a challenge in school, the right software can help you manage finances flawlessly.

Software: Fight Back Against Math!
In the battle against math, the best thing you can do is get powerful, simple software to help you manage finances; whether personal or for business. If your software is complicated or convoluted, it defeats the whole purpose. Programs such as are not only free, but designed with the novice in mind. Once you sign up, it's as simple as linking a few accounts, and the math-genius software does every calculation for you. You'll have a clear, concise picture of what's coming in and what's going out - without having done a single calculation.

Save Everything
If you're mathematically challenged, you'll have to get used to becoming a clutter bug -- at least as far as receipts and proofs of expenditures are concerned. While Mint has powerful features for making tax time simpler, April 15 is the day that mistakes in arithmetic are most likely to hit hard. The best defense against tax errors is meticulous record keeping you can manage. Finances leave a trail, and that trail leads to the tax man. Be fanatical about keeping records.

Borrow Carefully
Studies show that there is direct correlation between your math prowess and how you manage finances. People who are good at math tend to make more money and keep more of it. The mathematically challenged face a range of risks -- they are foreclosed on more, they earn less and new data shows that those who score the lowest on math tests get higher loan rates and default more often. Before signing anything, check with a professional regarding the terms of a credit card or loan - especially a mortgage.

The tools available to the mathematically challenged have improved dramatically.

It used to be that those who were bad at math would drag that deficiency into their finances, but with common sense - and the help of modern software, the mathematically challenged no longer have to struggle with a checkbook. Borrow wisely, keep good records and let your software do the heavy lifting. is powerful, yet easy. If you have a tough time with math, Mint was designed with you in mind. Sign up today and let the software do the hard work. The easiest calculation of all -- it's totally free!