How mint can help you live a richer life using the Free online money management tool

  1. Create a budget
  2. Save for retirement
  3. Pay off debt
  4. Pay student loans

Budgeting so easy, you'll actually budget.

Mint makes it easy to build a budget -- and stick to it.

Our free budgeting software puts all of your personal finances, including your bank accounts, credit cards and investments all in one place.

Just enter your information and Mint automatically creates personal budgets for you.

See the light at the end of the financial tunnel.

Mint can get you on track for retirement. Our IRA Advisor helps you pick an IRA so your money grows tax-free or tax-deferred.

Then track all your retirement accounts in one place -- and make sure you have the right mix of stocks, bonds and cash.

Plus Mint shows you how your portfolio performs compared to the stock market over time. So you beat the market, instead of it beating you.

Graduate early from your student loan debt.

Track all your student loans in one place with Mint. We support hundreds of lenders.

Then use our Spending Trends feature to find savings you can apply to your monthly loan payment.

Create budgets and alerts to help you meet your new spending goals and reduce your debt faster than ever.

Pay off debt

Mint automatically downloads and categorizes your transactions every night so you can see where to cut back.

Set a goal, and Mint will remind you via text message if your about to go over your budget. Then apply those savings to your credit card debt.

Plus, we'll analyze your spending and payment history to see if a new credit card could save you money.