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My financial institution is supported by Mint but I can’t add it. What should I do?
Please do try again later if you can’t add your bank at first. If problems persist, submit the information below via our contact form.

  1. Name of bank
  2. The URL you use to login to your bank (, for example).
  3. The specific error messages you receive trying to add the account to your Mint account.
  4. Information about extra security requirements your bank requires to login, such as image verification, additional security questions, incorrect forms, etc.
  5. Can you successfully log in to your bank or institution directly.

Tip: Some customers mistakenly enter in their password in the password field when trying to add their bank account. Please enter your bank username and password in these fields.

Note: Currently, Mint only supports banks in the United States.

I’m having problems with the security challenge questions and answers when adding my account.

Here are a few tips that might help you answer them:

  • Answer as many questions as you put on file when you registered with your bank.
  • The number of questions you need to answer may be less than the number of form fields displayed on the page.
  • For some financial institutions, the questions and answers need to be in the exact same order as they are listed on your banking site.
  • If you’ve forgotten the questions, you can try logging into the online banking at your bank’s website, or calling their online banking support, to retrieve them.
  • Answers to these questions may be case-sensitive. i.e. ‘Dog’ will work, while ‘dog’ will not.
I can’t find my bank, credit card or financial institution.
  • Try searching for the URL instead of the name. For example, you can find Compass Bank by searching for “”.
  • Instead of searching for the generic term “Visa”, search for the issuer listed on the back of the card (e.g. “Chase”, “MBNA”, “Bank of America”)
What should I do if my bank is not supported?

When you can’t find your bank listed in search results during the add account process, there is a link below to request that we add your bank. Fill out this form, and we’ll email you as soon as your bank is supported.

Please do not use the contact form below.

Due to factors outside our control, including approval of the banks themselves, we cannot guarantee that your bank will be supported, but we will do our best. We add support for more banks and credit unions every week thanks to requests from customers like you.

Does support international banks?
Not yet. Currently Mint only supports US-based financial institutions. We hope to support financial institutions based outside of the US in the future.
Can I input my cash transactions?
Mint has a feature called Split which allows you to split a single transaction into multiple transactions, each able to be named and categorized. While we don’t support adding cash transactions, the same result can usually be achieved by splitting any cash withdrawals from your bank. For example, if you withdraw $100 at the ATM, spend $60 on dinner, $20 on a movie, and $20 on parking, you can later find your ATM withdrawal in, and split it into 3 transactions. We automatically split out the ATM fee for you.
How can I make a product suggestion?
Please send us your thoughts on how we can improve the service via our contact form or post your comments in our suggestion forum. We sincerely appreciate all feedback.
I am experiencing a problem. How should I submit a bug?
Please tell us about any issues you encounter via our contact form. As issues get resolved we will do our best to inform you with a direct email response or via the forums.
How is free?
We make money when you save money with the Ways To Save feature on If you sign up for checking, savings, credit card or brokerage account marked as sponsored, we earn a referral fee.
If I submit a request via the contact form, how long will it take to get a response?
See our current response times