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Buying a homeBuying

Select this option if you are planning to buy
a new home.

Buying a homeRefinancing

Select this option if you want to refinance your home loan to get a better rate, or if you want to borrow some cash against your home equity.

Current loan rates

 RefinanceNew Home
30 Years4.12%4.12%
15 Years3.12%3.12%
5/1 ARM2.75%2.75%
AssumptionsRates mentioned above are to be used for guidance purposes only and are average rates based on loan amount of 400,000, 80% LTV or less, credit score 720 or higher, Debt-to-Income of 45% or less, single family residence detached, primary residence, escrows waived, paying 1 point. Rates are subject to change daily without notice. Not available in all states.

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If your home is not listed, add it to Mint
to automatically see its current value.

Your current mortgage

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Enter your current home value and ZIP code for the home you'd like to refinance. If you don't know the current home value, you can use Zillow to get the latest value.

In the Your Current Mortgage section make sure that the Balance is the remaining mortgage amount for the home that you'd like to refinance and that in the Monthly Payment you only include principal and interest.

Just a few questions: What loan are you looking for?

Provide the following information to see rates from lenders

Your Info Provide your income and credit scorecredit score

Your Home Provide information about the home you're looking to buy

Your Mortgage Provide information about the mortgage that you're looking to refinance

Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, CA

1305 years

Your Loan Review these loan details

20% of home priceThere are very few refinance loans available under 20% Equity. You can submit the page, but try decreasing your balance if you do not see enough results (pay down your loan).There are very few loans available with less than a 20% Down Payment. You can submit the page, but try increasing your down payment to see more loan results.
Pie Chart

Loan amount: $400,000

80% of home price


If you have questions about home loans or refinancing, MintLife is a good source for more information.

How long do you plan to stay here?

If you know how long you plan to stay in this home you can figure out which loan options are right for you, such as how much you spend on points or whether a variable rate makes sense.

Loan Type

Select this option if you’d like to have the
closing costs as part of your loan.

Paying for points generally lowers the interest rate on your loan. One point is equal to
one percent of the loan amount.

03Up to 1.25 points

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Awesome Loan, 30 years fixed, 1.5 points

Monthly PaymentRatePeriodDue on closing 


You save $350Average Monthly Savings is the constant monthly amount which when reinvested at the expected rate of inflation will sum to the Overall Savings at the end of the stated time horizon.

per month


APR 4.375%

30 years

Until 2041


$4,000 closing costsClosing Costs are all of the required fees, including title insurance rates, escrow and settlement fees, the cost of a real estate closing attorney, notary public and other services, like a home inspection or pest inspection, that may be needed when you buy, sell or refinance a property.

$3,000 points

SavingsRate$103,050Overall Savings is the sum of monthly cash flow differences between the existing monthly payments and the proposed monthly payments reinvested at the expected rate of inflation over the stated time horizon.5.1%Get Started

You have chosen to pay 1.5 points, $3,000 at closing.

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