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Mint makes managing your personal finances a cinch. Be the master of your money so you can get more out of life.

Your portfolio and finances together.

Investing is a huge part your financial life, and we help you stay on top of yours every day. Compare your portfolio to market
benchmarks, and instantly see your asset allocation across all your investment accounts like 401(k), mutual funds, brokerage accounts, even IRAs.

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Know your investment style

Advice & tips

Get the right tools for your investment style. Whether you’re hands off, active or somewhere in between, Mint can help you do more with your portfolio.

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Don’t let fees nibble at your earnings

We’re able to expose fees that often are hidden on statements
or buried in the fine print. Fees from investment
 advisors, brokerages and 401(k) providers reduce the
 long-term growth of your investment. We’ll help you identify the unnecessary ones and make sure every penny possible stays where it belongs.

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