Mint Money Knowledge Center: What is a debit card?

There has been a trend in the financial world for some time to reduce the amount of cash that people carry with them for safety reasons. Credit cards can help, but people want to avoid the debt that comes with using credit cards. Writing checks can be cumbersome and businesses are leery of check writers. These are just some of the reasons why the debit card was created.

What is a debit card


What Is A Debit Card?

According to, a debit card works like a credit card in that it allows you to instantly pay for purchases without using cash, but it is different in that the debit card is tied directly to your checking account. Sometimes you have to pay a fee to use a debit card and if you do not have the cash in your checking account to cover your purchase, then you will have to deal with bounced check fees from the vendor and your bank.

Watch What You Spend

According to, another unique trait of the debit card is that you may have a set amount you can spend on it each day. Where a credit card will allow you to spend as much as you want each day up to your available limit, the debit card may restrict your buying capacity to a set amount each day.

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