Mint Money Knowledge Center: What is the Fortune 500?

What is the Fortune 500People who do any kind of research on investing in stocks will eventually come across the term the "Fortune 500." It is used so often in the financial news reports that it has become a part of the American financial culture. But what is the Fortune 500 and why is it so important?

Fortune Magazine

The Fortune 500 is a list of stocks released each year by Fortune Magazine. Savvy financial expert Henry R. Luce launched Fortune Magazine only four months after the Great Depression started, which showed just how forward-thinking Luce really was. He took his time to develop the ultimate financial and investing guide at a time when people were desperately seeking accurate financial advice. Fortune Magazine built its reputation by being a reliable financial resource and it has become one of the most important financial publications in the United States.

What Is The Fortune 500?

The Fortune 500 is a list of the top 500 companies in the United States based on revenue and income reports. The list was started in 1955 and the criteria for acceptance have not changed throughout its history. Public companies and private companies that publish their financial information are eligible to make the list and, according to, being named a Fortune 500 company is a prestigious honor to any company.

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