Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about my payment. Can I talk to someone from Mint Bills?

Some of my bills don't have a pay button.

I want to pay someone that is not available as a biller in the Mint Bills app.

Why did my payment fail?

How do I repay a bill?

My bill currently has $0 due. Can I pay it?

Where can I find my routing number and account number?

Why did I get an error when I entered my bank routing number?

Why did I get an error when I entered my bank account number?

Why do I need to enter my biller account number for some of the billers and not for others?

How often does Mint Bills update my accounts?

How can I cancel a payment?

How long does it take for a payment to be delivered and posted to the biller?

How do I know that my bill has been paid?

I made a payment, but did not receive a receipt.

How much does it cost to pay bills with Mint Bills?

Can Mint Bills do bill payments outside the US?

What days and times can I pay my bills?

Why do you need my full name, zip code and phone number?

I need more help!

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