How many times have you done this?

You see something that you don't really need.. but you want it.
Something small like a double, jumbo vanilla latte or a six pack of tacos.
Maybe it's a video game or shiny, thigh-high boots.
You want it!

But then you say you yourself, "No! I need to save money!" and you walk away feeling like you just did something good.

But... did you really save money or did you just put off spending it until later?

At Mint we believe you should pay yourself first.

  1. The next time you decide NOT to buy something in order to save money
  2. Tweet @mint with the hashtag #payyourself
  3. Include what you didn't buy and the price as a reminder to yourself and a pledge to move that money to your savings account, rainy day fund or under the mattress.

@mint I just paid myself $40 so we can watch a movie at home instead of dinner at the movies #payourself

@mint I brought my lunch today and saved $6.95 on bad cafeteria food! #payourself

@mint I used a 25% off coupon and saved $16 bucks on jeans. #payourself

Good luck! We're looking forward to see how much #minters can save in the next 30 days!