Financial Management Like a Pro with

Financial Management Like a Pro with

Let help you manage your finances quickly and easily.

You don't need a degree in accounting to manage your finances. With the right software, you will get everything you need at the click of a button. makes financial management especially easy. Just look at some of the great features you will benefit from to help you create a budget, set your financial goals and stay on track.

Graph Format for Your Budgeting and Goal Setting

Seeing figures in a table is off-putting. You need to understand the table to work out whether you're on track, overspending or if you have a little extra left over. With, everything is in an easy to view graph format. At a glance, you will see which accounts are in credit, how close to your goals you are and whether your investments are paying off.

The graphs are available on both the website and mobile versions, so you can even check on the go. It is also possible to drill down into the different accounts and different categories to really see where you are spending. This makes it much easier to cut back in unnecessary areas and really think about that next purchase for full financial management.

Automatically Sync with Online Accounts

Trying to update accounts manually takes time, and usually there is something missed. That isn't the case when it comes to All your online accounts are automatically synced. You will be able to see the latest direct debit to leave your account and the newest payment made into your account right away. The information updates as soon as you log in, whether you're on the computer, tablet or smartphone.

The software will even auto-categorize your spending to help with financial management. When you need to change the categories for your personal needs, you can do with a click of a button. By categorizing your spending, it is easier to see the areas you can cut back on.

Avoid overspending every again with alerts to warn you beforehand.

Send Alerts Straight to Your Phone or Email

There are times you go over your budget or you may forget about a bill. prevents that happening by sending alerts straight to your phone (as an SMS) or email. You can personalize these alerts to cover what you are more likely to do, whether it is forgetting about bill due dates, overspend on a purchase or forget about changes in rates.

The alerts can also offer great tips on saving money and how to use your budget to your advantage. Receiving email notifications of your weekly finances will also help with managing them. You can see where your money went during the week to keep an eye on your budget for the rest of the month, without having to constantly check the account.

Make financial management as easy as possible with There are many benefits to take advantage of, whether you want to see accounts at a glance or need help remembering an upcoming bill. Once you take control, you will save more money, get out of debt sooner and be well on your way to financial freedom.

Alexandria Ingham is a freelance writer with experience in technology, business and budgeting.