How to Get Sound Financial Advice on a Modest Budget

If you're rich, then probably you stay rich thanks to sound financial advice. But what if you're not rich, or even close? You need to manage your money even more so than a multi-millionaire. After all, if somediv with $5 million in the bank loses 50% of their income, they still have $2.5 million to fall back on. If somediv worth $5,000 loses 50%, then they're in major trouble.

The problem is, those with less money often can't afford quality financial advice, leaving them in quite the pickle. Where do people like that go for good, solid financial advice that they can afford?

Since many of these places won't advertise services for the middle class, since they'd rather spend their time helping rich folks who can pay them high fees. To find them, you'll need to:

Use Family/Friend Connections

Like so many other things in life (job, school, exclusive club, etc.), one of the easiest ways to get "in" with a financial adviser who caters to the middle class is via a connection with friends or family.

If you're in the market for an adviser, ask your mother or sister who they work with. Or ask your best friend who they're working with. They'll almost certainly get you in touch with them, and there's a real good chance the adviser will help you as well, simply because of who you know.

Search for Hourly Advisers

You might need a lot of financial help, but your questions are not likely to be as complex as, say, a CEO with tons of complicated accounts, funds, and taxes to balance. For you, finding an adviser who charges by the hour, rather than the case, might be ideal.

Their hourly rates might be somewhat steep, but if you don't need constant help, and simply need to take a little bit of time every now and again to get your financial priorities back in working order, the one-time cost is more than worth it.

Be Upfront with the "Rich People" Advisers

If you happen to find an adviser who deals exclusively with wealthy clients, talk to them anyway. Tell them exactly who you are, what your situation is, and what kind of help you need.

They might tell you they can't help you because you're not worth seven figures or more, but they also might decide to help at a reduced rate. You truly don't know unless you ask.

Good things don't actually come to those who wait -- they come to those who hunt them down and take it.

Look Into Credit Counseling

Yes, many credit counseling services are borderline illegal, charging high fees for advice that basically boils down to "don't pay your credit card debt until we can negotiate it down for you." Unless you want atrocious credit for the next ten years, don't ever do that.

However, many credit counseling services are completely on the up and up. They offer expert, affordable advice on how to manage your credit debt, and will probably help you with managing the rest of your budget as well. After all, it's hard to pay off your debts if you're needlessly spending all of your money elsewhere.

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