Use Mint To Handle Your Personal Finances Like A Pro

Use Mint To Handle Your Personal Finances Like A Pro

So you know a little bit about personal finance but you'd really like to manage all of your accounts like a pro? Good news: Mint is here to help you do just that, even if you're not an expert in accounting or finance.

With Mint, you can quickly and easily get a handle on all of your different financial accounts. Here's how.

1. Mint allows you to see all of your accounts in one place

If you have multiple financial accounts, including bank accounts, credit card accounts, retirement accounts, and brokerage accounts, then you know how daunting a task it is to get a quick snapshot of all of your accounts. Fortunately, Mint takes care of that for you. With Mint, you're able to get an overview of all of your important financial accounts, with up-to-date information, in one place.

2. Mint is everywhere

Do you need to check your credit card balance while you're at a fancy restaurant or contemplating the purchase of a big-ticket item? Don't worry, Mint offers a suite of mobile apps so that you can pull out your smartphone and view your balances on-the-fly.

All of your financial accounts are literally at the tip of your fingers

3. Mint categorizes your spending habits

Do you need to know where most of your money is going? With Mint, your spending is automatically categorized. When you swipe your debit card at the grocery store, your purchase is automatically categorized under "Groceries." No extra work is needed on your part!

If you have your own categorization system in place (for example, you'd like to separate cleaning supplies from food products when you go grocery shopping), that's no problem for Mint. You can set up your own categories and manually categorize your spending habits.

4. Mint provides graphs for an easy read of your financial status

If you want a quick picture of where you stand financially, Mint provides you with a variety of excellent snapshots in the form of graphs. You can see your spending trends, your net worth, and your progress on personal financial goals with just a few clicks.

This bar graph shows your spending habits by category

5. Mint is secure

Mint uses the same level of encryption (known as "128-bit encryption" in geek-speak) that's used by banks. In short, if you're comfortable with level of security that you enjoy with online banking, then you'll be comfortable using Mint.

Mint is an excellent way for people who don't have a lot of extra time on their hands to manage their finances like a pro. Why not give it a try today? It only takes a few minutes to get started.