Expert Interview with Cathy and Monica on Living Fabulously Frugal

Expert Interview with Cathy and Monica on Living Fabulously Frugal

When the economy went south in 2008, Cathy Yoder and Monica Knight joined forces to share their couponing finds with family and friends. Little did they know that the website they started, Fabulessly Frugal, would explode the way that it has - helping thousands of families save money on groceries and other household goods while also providing couponing tips, recipes and great deals from across the web.

Today, the coupon deals might not be what they were in 2008, but the frugal-istas want to reassure deal-seekers out there.

"Things change, go with the flow...there are still ways to save; you don't have to pay full price," they told us in a recent interview.

Here, they share their story and offer advice on using their site to nab great deals whether you're heading to the grocery store, checking out Amazon, whipping up your own money-saving solutions at home or stocking up your freezer with meals.

Who should be reading Fabulessly Frugal?

Anyone who wants to stretch their dollar and loves to save money.

Many people might not associate frugal living with fabulous - but you obviously feel do you manage to be both frugal and fabulous?

When you're frugal and smart with your money, you have the power to do more with what you have. Whether it's vacationing, being debt free or using your money to bless the lives of others...if you can pay less for something, why not?!

What sets it apart from other money-savings/lifestyles sites?

The Fabulessly Frugal team of 11 women work hard to bring money-saving to all avenues of your life. Grocery shopping with all the best deals at your local stores. Freezer meal cooking that saves you time, money and sanity. Homemade cleaners to save you money and give your home a more organic clean feeling. Easy crafts that stay with in budget and beautify your home. Gardening tips and produce preservation skills.

What's your history with frugal living? Have you always been a penny-pincher? If not, what spurred you to start saving?

Monica has always been that way, and for Cathy, it's been more of a learned art. The way the economy was going in 2008 made us each feel like we wanted more control over our spending. That's when we discovered coupon clipping and the difference it could make in our budget.

When we think couponing, it involves sitting down with the Sunday paper and clipping from the circulars in hopes we'll find a few for products we usually need. We're assuming since you can care for your family of nine on about $100 a week in groceries that your methods are a little more involved - so what do you do?

A few years ago, we would coupon every week. Since the show Extreme Couponing started to air, couponing has changed, and the deals haven't been as good as they used to be. We don't coupon like we used to, but we still know what a good price point is. We are mindful about prices when we buy items at the grocery store, we menu plan around sales that week, and when there is a great price on an item we always use, we grab extras.

What's your process for planning a trip to the grocery store?

We do all the work for you! Simply come to and search for your favorite grocery store. You can print your shopping list right off of our website.

What tips do you have for new couponers? How can you avoid becoming overwhelmed?

Take it slow; use blogs like, who tell you exactly what is on sale each week and when something is a stock up price with our star system.

Why should more families embrace freezer cooking as a way to save money?

It's sooo convenient, more healthy than eating out, and saves a lot of time and sanity. You can make 20 meals in six hours for less than $100!

What are some of your favorite couponing tools? coupon database (found at

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