Expert Interview with Eric Horesnyi on Innovations in App Development for Mint

Working behind the scenes for all those apps you use daily to make your life easier are petabytes of brilliant minds working to make your experience on that app seamless and intuitive.

Motwin uses these innovators to help develop the next generation of enterprise mobile apps, allowing banks and other businesses to build responsive apps fast while handling the technical back-end functions.

Here, Motwin CEO Eric Horesnyi discusses Motwin, app development and the future of digital technology; read on.

Tell us about Motwin...what services do you offer?

Motwin provides a software to develop time-critical business applications in mbanking, mobile employee tools and connected industrial devices. Using our software, companies can launch or adapt applications aiming at respecting human reaction time: 500ms. This way, emotional connection is preserved, users are happy, driving churn down, adoption up and advocacy to the top.

Why do both developers and business owners like Motwin?

Motwin addresses an issue that mobile B2B experienced developers face any time they develop a time-critical application: how to develop a fast mobile application out of a fragmented and/or cloud back end. It took us six years and a steep learning curve to get to where we are, and they can benefit from our experience by using our data orchestration layer.

From your perspective, what do you think are the most important things small business owners and app developers should consider when building apps?

Never forget the user, wherever he is: his context, what he knows of you, what your company knows of him already. Respect her intelligence.

To me, what matters most is that the app owner shows from the first page that she has a purpose in bringing something to the user that is new, and definitely different. Apps have to be purposeful and benevolent. Anything that looks consumption-driven will not drive adoption.

What aspects of app development do you think are most overlooked among inventors and developers? How does this end up impacting consumers?

Respect human reaction times to convey emotions. Think about device of today, and device of tomorrow, mainly connected objects when writing code. And consider user uniqueness when interfacing with a brand: navigation needs to be the same - and self-explanatory - on web, mobile and connected objects.

What can startups and developers do to ensure the security of their products?

Just consider any mobile device as unsecure regardless of passwords; keep clear data in the cloud.

How would consumers recognize your work when using their mobile devices?

Application is fast and fluid. Information is updated real-time without having to ask for refresh.

What are some of the most interesting or innovative apps you've seen on the market recently? What do you think sets them apart?

On the consumer side: Uber, Evernote or Dashlane. Simple, useful and multi-device.

On the corporate side: EM4 Remote by CST, to manage industrial devices remotely.

What are some exciting trends and innovations in app development today? How will they change the way consumers use their mobile devices?

The unique thing about mobile devices and connected objects is their closeness to our human world: You wear them or carry them. This is a big change compared to the web desktop channels we have lived with until 2007. Any app respecting human intelligence and human reactions to provide a value to the user without being noticed. There is still much to be done in the area of insurance, assistance and personal finance as we realize all the potential of user multi-channel context. Apps that would not even be dreamed of a few years ago, bringing value to the world.

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