Expert Interview with Farnoosh Brock on Productivity for Mint

Farnoosh Brock did something most of us only dream about: She left a steady career for a true passion. And not only that, she made a new career out of it, as a productivity and wellness expert on Prolific Living. She took a moment to speak with us about productivity and getting the most out of your day.

Why is it so important to be productive with your day?

If you want to be and feel successful in life, you have goals and desires. Productivity on a day-to-day level is how you get closer and closer to those goals. Also, productivity gives you a sense of accomplishment and creates an inner state of happiness, peace and bliss. We were born to work towards worthy goals, not to idly spend away our days.

How do you find all these productivity tips and tricks?

I create high productivity-inducing habits by personally experimenting. If something doesn't work, I move on and try something else. My best productivity hacks are not sexy, but they are incredibly effective: Get your sleep, listen to your div's natural rhythms, get your exercise, eat well and pursue goals that you feel passionate about. Everything else is detail.

What's the one thing you wish everyone knew about productivity?

I wish they knew that productivity in and of itself is meaningless, but it's when you have a worthwhile goal that it becomes critical.

If somediv has money troubles, what's the first thing they should do, and why?

They need to realize that it happens to everyone, but those who survive and thrive from the depth of money troubles first decide that they will no longer be in that state. So decide that you will get out of your money troubles. Why? Because until you decide and declare that your life will change for the better, you can't make anything happen, and nothing works until you decide. So decide first that you will create wealth and prosperity for yourself and your family.

What's your perspective on the rising personal debt we're taking on?

Well, you are responsible for the personal debt that you accumulate. No matter what your circumstances, you have chosen to take on that debt, and you need to repay it. It's pretty simple. I feel that there is not enough self-discipline and education in the upbringing of children and young adults, and combined with a sense of entitlement, some choose to go the easy route of borrowing money. I don't believe in borrowing money. It's much easier to sleep at night when you don't owe anyone anything.

Where do you see personal productivity heading in the future? What are some ways we'll be getting more out of the day?

Personal productivity has a great future for those who hold their future in their own hands and feel responsible for the lives they create. You can get more out of your day by getting up earlier, by getting up happier and with a sense of purpose, and by moving towards a worthy goal one step at a time. You can get more out of your life by defining your purpose and, if you have trouble with that, by making it a priority to do so.

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