Expert Interview with Josh McCleary About Diversifying into Gold and Silver for Mint

Mass Metal, LLC and Silver Saver offer a "unique, safe and disciplined way to protect your savings for the future." Josh McCleary, co-founder of, took some time to talk with us about how to diversify into physical gold and silver, and the benefits of doing so. Josh offers his expertise on the subject and lets us know that anyone can invest in silver and gold. Read on:

Why should people choose gold or silver as opposed to other investment options?

Gold and silver have served as a store of value for thousands of years. Throughout history, wise investors have held them as part of a diversified strategy.

As life becomes increasingly digital, having tangible assets that you can hold in your hand provides peace of mind. They also occupy a unique space in a portfolio as insurance against uncertainty. Precious metals truly round out a well-thought-out investment plan. And with the technology available today, the world can easily be connected to these assets like never before.

Some people are interested in investing in gold or silver, but just don't know how to go about it. How easy is it to do? What basic advice can you share on how to get started?

People must understand that there is a big difference between the "paper" products or stocks that can mimic the price of the metals, and true ownership of physical metals. Physical ownership is essential in an age where digital assets can disappear. While there are hundreds of places to purchase physical gold and silver, most require a significant investment of time. These include traveling to coin shops or purchasing from a trusted dealer. These options usually expose the customer to a significant gap between the price they pay for the metal, and what the dealer will pay them for the same metal tomorrow. Will it be the same when you want to sell? Individuals need to do their homework. We have used technology to close that gap, and to make acquiring precious metals easier.

How do the savings schedules work?

Savings schedules are the way that we at do the heavy lifting for you. You tell us exactly what day of the week or month you want your purchases to occur. Setting a recurring schedule to buy gold or silver weekly, monthly, etc., provides an easy way to acquire this portion of your diversified portfolio. You can set it once and know that you will remain on course to have a well-rounded and healthy financial portfolio. It doesn't get any easier than that.

How would you describe your clientele?

Clients of SilverSaver come from all walks of life. There are hourly employees accumulating gold and silver through SilverSaver PMA as an employee benefit with as little as $10 per pay period. We also have clients who have purchased more than $1 million worth of gold and/or silver. Our clientele includes anyone who comes to the realization that owning some gold and silver is the smart thing to do, regardless of how much money or income they have.

If I invest, would I own actual gold or silver?

Every time a savings schedule or one-time transaction initiates a purchase, you immediately gain full legal ownership of physical metal at that day's price. It is titled in your name and insured 100% by a policy with Lloyd's of London. At any time, small quantities (20 troy ounces of silver or 1/2 troy ounce of gold) can be delivered directly to your home. About half of SilverSaver clients take delivery and the other half accumulate at the depository. You can do either. SilverSaver can accommodate your needs.

Can investors liquidate their gold or silver at any time?

Yes. The funds are deposited in their bank account within one to three business days. Many of our clients take delivery of a portion of their metal and leave the majority in their account to take advantage of how easy it is to liquidate their stored holdings. Liquidating metal that has been delivered is possible as well. It just requires some additional steps.

How did you get started at SilverSaver?

In 2008, the financial markets became unstable. Digital assets of every kind were being called into question. We created SilverSaver at that time in order to connect people to a proven store of value. Our executive team has a background in managing financial portfolios for retirees. Thus, we knew there had to be a way to leverage technology to help people invest in real assets.
What we have created has resonated with thousands of people around the country and in Canada. One reason is because we don't sell fear. We simply will continue to leverage technology to provide these time-tested assets to clients who are seeking wise investment diversification.

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