Expert Interview with Nadine Schmitt About eCommerce and Accessibility for Mint

Nadine Schmitt, co-founder of CouchCommerce, took some time to chat with us about eCommerce and front end technology. With her marketing and partner management role in Couch Commerce, Nadine has expert knowledge of what it takes to make a successful business. She is skilled at following eCommerce trends and finding innovative, successful solutions for their clients, all which add up to make her a leader in this field. Read on to see what she had to say:

How does CouchCommerce help the eCommerce merchant?

Merchants, for example our flagship customer runtastic, have a huge numbers of mobile users nowadays - up to 80%. Most of the online shops understand that they will cross 50% mobile traffic share within the next 12 months, so they realize that they need a partner who is specialized in mobile-first eCommerce technology and not focused on desktop shops. But all of the existing shop systems were developed at a time when iPhones didn't even exist and have no compelling answer to mobile! Our technology delivers unmatched performance in terms of loading times and real app usability directly in the browser. This not only increases the joy of use but results in higher conversion rates!

How customizable is CouchCommerce?

CouchCommerce is highly customizable because our open source technology (Sofa SDK available at empowers developers and agencies to realize the best unified front end experience in eCommerce. We believe in open source and the power of communities, so our web application is completely open source. You can take our best bits to make something customized out of it before you deploy it on our platform.

It's important for eCommerce sites to be accessible on all platforms, from mobile to desktop to anything else. CouchCommerce can manage this, but why is it so important?

Customers just "walk" away if your shop does not perform well. The next best online shop is always just a click away. The big players, like Amazon, invest a lot into accessibility and mobile optimization. If merchants don't follow by utilizing the best technology that is available in the market, they will lose more and more customers moving to the big players.

You make things easy for your clients. Can you tell us some ways you do this?

We make sure that our technology works with all relevant devices people use to access the internet. This today includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. For merchants utilizing our enterprise SaaS platform, we also perform real user tests in our device lab to make sure the usability is best at all times and customizations don't break any compatibility. These tests and ongoing conversion optimizations are part of the service our account and performance team provides.

How did you come up with the idea and begin CouchCommerce?

We were early adopters of smartphones and tablets. Having a strong eCommerce background and contacts at larger merchants we were excited to see climbing mobile traffic shares. However, when our parents started to use tablets to replace their home computers, we saw them running into issues trying to do their online shopping. At this point, we started to think about how to solve this issue best and teamed up to start CouchCommerce.

Describe how your unique team can offer your clients the best there is.

Our team is a mix of very experienced eCommerce developers and project managers combined with developers who were the first to work with new web app technology like AngularJS. Thanks to this combination, we can use our eCommerce experience to create a very valuable software development kit based on the best new technology for touch devices and make it available to merchants to improve their shops. At the same time, we understand how important scalability and reliability is for merchants, and that need resulted in our enterprise SaaS platform as deployment environment for web applications.

Saving and making money is always important; how can you help your clients do this?

Running the web apps on our Enterprise SaaS platform brings all the SaaS benefits to merchants like third-party integrations, updates, scalability, SLA, support and continuous optimization. Thanks to higher conversion rates and better user retention, our clients usually see a return on investment already after three months of working with us. From then on, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved. As we offer our Sofa SDK for free at, it is also very easy and free of charge for our clients to have a look under the hood of our technology first before they start working with us.

What is your favorite part of your job?

To work with such a great team every single day.

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