Expert Interview with Ralph Dangelmaier on the Future of eCommerce

Businesses around the world are looking for opportunities to grow their brand and reach new audiences, and this race to globalize has been a huge driver of innovation for how we handle payments online.

"Where some were able to build entire businesses around simple U.S.-based credit card transactions, the goal now will be to serve the world," says Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO of BlueSnap, provider of eCommerce solutions. "And with mCommerce growth outpacing traditional eCommerce by 200 percent, we can expect the race to a complete digital wallet to intensify in the near future."

BlueSnap is leading the charge in offering localized, secure and easy-to-use payment systems to merchants worldwide. Here, Ralph offers his insight on the biggest challenges facing merchants as they expand and also shares best practices for smart growth in the realm of online payments.

What is BlueSnap? What services do you offer?

BlueSnap powers the checkout process for eCommerce merchants worldwide. Our company looks at eCommerce a little differently. We are veteran developers, technologists and business professionals who are globally minded, customer focused and constantly driven to innovate. We believe every shopper has the right to a seamless online experience and the ability to purchase easily, quickly and securely. And because merchants spend countless hours bringing their products to market, they deserve the technology, tools, and support to create an exceptional buying experience for their customers.

Who should be using them?

Online businesses serving digital, physical and mobile markets.

What sets you apart from other eCommerce solutions?

We are better at cross-border payments.

What are some of the challenges businesses face when taking their online stores global?

Taxes, shipping fulfillment, FX providing a local checkout experience for shoppers in other countries are elements that are difficult to build in-house.

How do you help businesses overcome these challenges?

We've partnered with shipping companies, as well as a tax company, so that merchants are able to sell quickly and easily internationally.

What do you mean when you talk about customers preferring a localized shopping experience?

Fifty-nine percent of shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if they don't see a checkout page that's in their local currency, payment type and language. We offer 110 payment types, 60-plus currencies and 29 languages to better equip merchants and help their customers complete their purchase.

What components should online stores consider when trying to offer all their customers a comfortable, familiar shopping experience?

A completely branded checkout experience provides a seamless shopping experience and can generate a 30 percent higher conversion rate than a generic checkout. That means a checkout experience that is fast, secure, mobile and tablet-ready, displays security logos, and automating form fields (e.g., pre-populating the city name when the zip code is entered).

One of the big headlines of the past year when it comes to payment processing has been major data breaches. How do you help ensure the secure payment processing?

BlueSnap protects our merchants by offering a sophisticated and self-learning fraud prevention system combining the power of automated fraud detection with dedicated global risk fraud professionals who provide in-depth fraud protection analysis. BlueSnap has been validated as Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 compliant, and we're committed to providing the safest online shopping environment for our merchants and their customers.

As a PCI Level 1 provider, BlueSnap is subjected to annual reviews and quarterly scans to continuously monitor our strict adherence to Level 1 requirements.

In addition to our Level 1 designation, we also work with McAfee on a quarterly basis to scan our environment ensuring we provide the safest and most secure environments. Data is stored using the most advanced encryption methods available. All sensitive credit card data is encrypted and requires two separate and distinct keys to decrypt. The keys are stored in separate, secure, and restricted locations. Additionally, we never store data prohibited by PCI DSS.

What are some best practices for business owners when it comes to protecting their customer's information?

Some essential steps to protect customer information include firewalls and virus software to protect their network and computers, updating software security patches and password-protecting all devices. Finally, partnering with a trusted provider who can ease this risk and exposure of potential security breaches.

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