Expert Interview with The Spectrum IFA Group About Expatriate Financial Advice for Mint

Spectrum IFA Group is made up of independent financial planning advisers in Europe who help expatriates and foreign residents find the best solutions for financial issues. With over 40 financial advisers across Europe, it is easy to find assistance. Each adviser has experience and knowledge of finances in not only in his or her country, but also in expat life and what applies in particular cases. It can be quite comforting to know you're working with a company with the knowledge, expertise, and experience that The Spectrum IFA Group has.

The Spectrum IFA Group took some time to speak with us about expatriate finances; read on:

Where are your offices located?

We operate in six European countries and have a good understanding of all the tax and financial issues in those countries. Paris, the South of France, Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, the Costa Blanca, the Costa del Sol, Rome, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Lausanne, Brussels.

What can Spectrum IFA offer that a bank cannot?

Impartiality and independence.

How did you get started in this business?

A group of experienced advisers set up Spectrum in 2003.

What's the best and most simple advice you can offer regarding smart financial planning, especially for an expat?

See a locally based adviser.

Please paint a picture of your client base.

English-speaking expatriates in Western Europe.

You can connect with The Spectrum IFA Group on social media on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn