Personal Finance Interview with Stace Zimmerman on Personal Finance Apps

You already know that your smartphone makes keeping in touch with your besties via Facebook a snap, can entertain your toddler in a pinch and is great for watching videos of dogs jumping on trampolines, but have you thought about using it for more than just entertainment?

Internet marketer Stace Zimmerman knows a thing our two about smartphone technology. The man behind AndroidVE, a site devoted to news in information about Android devices, believes that smartphones are not only fun to use, but also have more practical applications -- like managing your money.

"The ability for people to automatically track and see their finances at a glance will only help more people take control of their financial life," says Zimmerman. "If they will just plugin and utilize this great resource of technology, it truly can change your life and future."

We recently checked in with Stace to get his take on what makes mobile technology so great and how it can be used to improve your financial future. Here's what he had to say:

Tell us about yourself ... what's your professional background?

I have been using computers before the Internet even existed. What did I use them for before that? I have no idea! I have always been fascinated with technology and computers. I have been a Webmaster and online marketer for more than 15 years. I work from home and make my own hours and live all around the world doing my business as long as there is a good Internet connection.

How did you come to create AndroidVE?

I actually bought the site a while ago to add to my website portfolio in the fast growing technology/mobile niche. I own many sites in many different categories. I know that mobile is the wave of the future and Android is one of the best platforms around, so when the chance arose I snapped it up and have been building it ever since.

Who should be using your site?

Anyone who has an interest in new technology, apps, mobile devices and mobile trends.

How can your site help save people money?

We regularly post articles on finance and money, from professionals teaching you how to save and be smart with your finances, to writing reviews on the newest apps and technology to manage your money.

Based on your Twitter icon, it seems like you're not all that impressed with Mac products. What's your beef with Apple and why are you so passionate about Android technology?

LOL! That was just pure theatrics! I think both are great companies and technologies, and I don't have a beef with Apple besides some of their users who seem to think they are better and more advanced and ... umm ... hip than anyone who uses anything else?

What are your all-time favorite apps?

I love a bunch! Thanks for asking. For games, I love Where's My Water?, Candy Crush Saga and Words With Friends. For communications I like Skype, Voxer and of course Facebook. There are many more I like in different categories but I can't list them all here because that's a whole new post.

We here at Mint are passionate about helping people manage their money. How can folks use their Android phones to help with their finances?

Well they can try out any of the many great finance apps that are out there if they haven't already. See how easy it can be to keep track of your finances like a professional. It has never been easier and more fun than it is today to keep on top of your money and how you spend, save and invest it. It's virtually automated and there is no repetitive boring data input entry like the old days.

What are your favorite money-management apps?

Mint and Pageonce (now are my favorites. Between the two they have everything you could ever need or ask for to manage, plan and track your finances.

What excites you the most about the future of mobile technology?

I love that mobile technology and the Internet is educating, opening up and connecting the world. I love information, learning, ideas and opinions. It makes me very happy to see people communicating and connecting better. The thought that all of the accumulated information known to man in this whole world is available to more and more people every day and at their fingertips is incredible. It's a unique opportunity and blessing to live at this time in human history when there is so much information and opportunity available to those who will look for and act upon it.

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