Privacy and Security / How Mint Keeps You Safe

Mint provides bank-level data security for the transaction information we store.
  • always transmits personal and financial information securely.
  • We store transaction information in a secure facility, on our own servers, protected by 24/7 security guards and biometric scanners.
  • All our employees pass financial and criminal background checks as a condition of employment.
  • All our employees pass background checks as a condition of employment.
  • The website has received the VeriSign security seal and is tested daily by Hackersafe.
  • Our privacy protection standards are certified by TRUSTe.
  • We subscribe to an anti-phishing service to discover and take-down malicious sites intended to fool our customers.
You cannot move money with Mint. offers valuable insights and analytic tools to help you better understand your money…but is a "read only" service. Meaning: you can view and organize your money with, but you cannot move money between—or out of—your bank, credit union or credit card accounts.
You register anonymously— we don’t need your name or any personally identifiable info.
  • All you need to use is a valid email address, password and zip code. We don’t need your name or any personally identifiable info.
  • We ask for your online banking user name and passwords so that we can connect securely to your financial institutions
  • Your online banking credentials are stored securely so that can automatically update your transactions— saving you from updating, syncing or uploading financial information manually.
Mint alerts can increase your financial security. provides 24/7 protection through proactive email and text alerts to to notify you about any large purchases or unusual charges in your accounts. We let you know what’s happening and when, so you’ll be able to react quickly to recover your personal finances, credit score and identity and avoid any potential damage.

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