4 Routine Expenditures You Can Cut Back on

Running out of money? Think about those routine expenditures that you don't need to make.

When setting up a budget, you may find that you're spending more than you earn. It can be daunting looking at a budget and trying to decide where to cut back. You're trying to eliminate the one-off luxuries, but you need to look at your routine expenditures. Here are four of them you can cut back on.

Your Cable TV Package

Do you really need all those TV channels? There are high chances you don't watch them, so you're likely wasting money. Even if you do watch them, could you wait for them to come out on DVD or view them through playback methods online? Cable TV packages can be extremely expensive.

If you don't want to get rid of the full package, consider whether you can cut back. There may be a deal for fewer channels and keeps the ones that you mostly watch. It is also worth looking at other companies to see if they offer the same deals at a lower price.

Those Daily Starbucks Trips

Do you regularly buy coffee from Starbucks, Costa or another big brand? Just think about the amount of money you are wasting. That's at least $3 per day (depending on the size) you're wasting. It works out to almost $1,100 per year if you bought a $3 cup of coffee every day, and you probably spend more.

If you really need your coffee while you're out, have your own. Set up a flask of your home brewed coffee or invest in a coffee machine for the workplace; your boss may be willing to have one set up. Your Starbucks visits can then be treats every now and then; maybe one trip per month.

They may seem like necessities, but there could be areas you can cut back on.

Buying Lunch While Out

Are you guilty of buying your lunch while you're at work? You may take a trip down the canteen or visit the sandwich shop across the road. You may not even realize just how much you're wasting and it's a great expenditure to cut back on. Instead of buying your lunch, make a packed lunch at home. You'll find that the ingredients for your own sandwich are cheaper because they make up a whole week's worth, instead of just one day's.

Another benefit to making your own lunch is it's healthier. You know exactly what is being put into your meal and can easily work out the calories if you need to.

Your Weekly Manicures

Do you really need to have your nails manicured every week or two? While it's a great luxury for some, it's also an expensive one. With so many high quality products now available on the market, there's no need to visit a salon to get your nails made up. Get your own nail varnish and pamper yourself. You could even turn this into a night in with the girls to socialize and save more money. If you must, limit the trips to the manicurist for special events only or to treat yourself on your birthday.

There are plenty of places where you can save money with your daily expenditures. The trick is to look at how you spend your money regularly and determine whether you really need it. You may be surprised to find ways that you're overspending.

Alexandria Ingham is a freelance writer with experience in technology, budgeting and personal finance.