How to Afford Your Favorite Cosmetics without Going Broke

Many times, this stuff has a hefty price tag!

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty cards are your best friend when buying cosmetics. You'll find that lots of stores offer a loyalty program that costs nothing to join - but the benefits can be very rewarding. Stores will also hold events for customers to attend where discounts can be had. Loyalty cards also collect information about your spending habits, and you will often receive coupons for the products you love the most.

Packaging Recycling Programs

Look for brand packaging recycling program such as MAC's 'Back 2 MAC.' When you have six empty primary packaging MAC pans or bottles, you can take them to a participating counter to exchange them for a free lipstick of your choice from their permanent line. If you can't get to a counter, you can also return them via the MAC website. Many other brands have done a similar scheme, sometimes on a one-off basis.

Swap Your Products

Have you ever thought of setting up a swap shop of unused products with your friends? They say that someone's trash could be someone else's treasure! We all have moments where we impulsively buy something that goes to the back of our drawer to be forgotten about, so collect up all your unused and unwanted products and have a girls' night in to find some hidden gems in your friends' makeup collections!

Makeup "Knock-offs"

Look for cheaper 'dupes' of your favorite products; there are lots of more affordable brands out there who offer great products that are very similar to the expensive brands. Beauty blogs and Pinterest are really helpful in finding the latest product dupes. I have found dupes for lots of products from brushes to bronzer; my favorite find was a Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb dupe which saved me over £40 (over $60)!

Get Out Your Piggy Bank

Having a piggy bank isn't just for children, you know! Popping all that loose change from the bottom of your bag can add up over time and could quite easily help you afford to treat yourself. Try and find a savings tin or pot which you can't open unless you break it; this will make it hard to dip into and deplete the funds before you've had chance to save enough. On the same rule, look in all your old bags, jackets, jeans that are in your wardrobe ... there's been many a time I have found coins and even bills that I forgot I had!

Above all, make sure you keep a track of the money you're saving in other aspects of your life, and remember to reward yourself with that makeup treat that you've been wanting for so long. As someone who earns a regular amount of money, I know how important it is to be able to afford the luxury items that I lust after, so hopefully these tips will be useful to someone in a similar position.

Jade Wimsey is a 23-year-old beauty and lifestyle blogger from the UK. A makeup experimenter and prolific tweeter, she shares her loves and loathes on her blog The Beauty Butterfly.