How Free Budget Software Can Help You Build Wealth

Budget software puts you in control of your wealth.

Building wealth is easier, and harder, than you might think. The fundamentals are simple. Investopedia says first you need to earn it, then you need to save it, and finally you need to invest it. That's the simple part. Putting those fundamentals into practice is where it becomes challenging.

But a budget can help, and budget software pulls everything together. Budget software doesn't need to cost a fortune. In fact, if you think free budget software is worth what you pay for it, you might be in for a surprise.

Here are 3 ways free budget software can help you on the road to building wealth:

See What You Earn Down to the Last Penny

Everyone has a general idea of their earnings, but the totals aren't always the same as the numbers in your head. This is especially true for people whose earnings fluctuate. With a budget, all of your earnings are documented. With budget software, documentation is easy.

Free budget software such as has everything you need to keep accurate records of your earnings. Simply add your checking and savings accounts, and let Mint do the rest. Each time pay is deposited, your accounts automatically update so there's never an overlooked dollar or miscalculated deposit.

Another way budget software helps you build wealth is by identifying income shortages. If you don't earn enough, wealth can stay out of reach until the shortage is corrected. This might mean seeking different employment where you can earn more, eliminating debt, or both.

You might not have a money tree, but a smart budget is the next best thing.

Determine How to Save, and Watch Your Money Grow

Savings is the cornerstone of security. Everyone needs emergency and retirement savings, and most people have additional goals that might be temporary or long term. With enough money in savings, your future is more secure. The only way to create that security is by putting money aside.

Budget software helps you develop the right budget for your style, which includes developing savings goals and allocating the right amount of money each month. Mint's free software lets you create a budget with savings categories for any goal you like. Start with emergency and retirement funds, and add vacation or college savings, or anything else that suits your needs. Money goes into your savings accounts, and Mint lets you watch it grow.

Savings is Great, but Investing Can Build More Wealth

Savings accounts earn interest, which is like adding a little fertilizer to the financial seeds you plant. But with investments, your money has the opportunity to grow faster than any typical savings account ever could.

With, your investments are only a click away. You'll see how each investment performs, how well your money is growing, and have the opportunity to make different choices based on suggestions that the software makes. When a better deal is available elsewhere, Mint lets you know.

Earnings, savings, and investments are three components of the same big plan -- your financial health. With budget software, keeping track of your money is simple. You can create a personal budget that suits your goals, and watch your money grow.

Sign up for your free account today, and see how simple building wealth can be.