How Your Non-Mobile-Friendly Website Is Costing You Money

Mobile web technology has a profound effect on businesses in every industry. Mobile sales are sky rocketing, and mobile tech continues to change the way people engage with retailers. If your website is not mobile friendly, you may be shutting out a shockingly large part of your market and failing to take advantage of your customers' new shopping behaviors.

While it may seem obvious that every business needs a mobile-friendly website, 96 percent of mobile users have visited a site that doesn't work well on their device. If your website is not mobile friendly, stop losing out on easy sales and enjoy an incredible ROI by taking the leap.

Mobile: a Tool, Not a Trend

Mobile users are the fastest-growing consumer market segment, and mobile adoption shows no signs of slowing. Everywhere you look, potential customers are glued to their smartphones. Mobile commerce is not a tech trend. It is an essential tool for any successful e-commerce business.

Mobile sales are up 101% in the first quarter of 2014 from Q1 2013. Research predicts that total mobile sales in the US will reach $114 billion this year (up 58.3% from 2013) and $293 billion in 2018, a compound annual growth rate of about 27%.

Consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with and excited by mobile commerce. Savvy retailers' mobile solutions are becoming increasingly skilled at keeping their customers' carts full. Now is the time to jump into the mobile world, before your business is left behind.

Stop Shutting Out Half of Your Sales

Nearly half of e-commerce traffic is mobile, and a growing percentage of these shoppers are mobile-only. In July 2013, 55% of time spent with e-commerce was spent on a mobile device, according to internet analytics firm comScore Inc. ComScore also found that a full third of visitors to the top 10 retailers on the Internet Retailer Mobile 500 use only mobile devices.

A non-mobile-friendly site could be shutting out over half of your customers part of the time and up to one third completely. In their Mobile Playbook, Google claims that not having a mobile-optimized site is like shutting your doors one day every week. The reality may be even more drastic than that.

Enjoy More Impulse Buys

Not only will a mobile-friendly site tap into a wider audience, mobile shoppers just buy more. Mobile shoppers statistically buy more than desktop shoppers. Mobile cart size can range from 35% larger for household items, to 50% larger for health and beauty products versus desktop carts. Not only do mobile shoppers often buy more, they are more likely to make impulse purchases!

Convert Early-Stage Shoppers

Mobile devices are more than a way to make purchases - they have become a major buying decision tool in nearly every industry. The majority of mobile shoppers use their phone to prepare for purchases, find store locations, research products and services and search for deals.

However casually their shopping begins, 93% of people who conduct purchasing research on mobile go on to make a purchase either online or in person, according to Google. If a casual mobile shopper encounters a non-mobile site, they will likely never return to your business at all and will become someone else's sale.

A mobile website can convert casual early-stage shoppers into customers. A cutting-edge, well-designed mobile solution can convey trustworthiness, credibility, popularity and can convert a window shopper into a sale in minutes.

Get an Outstanding ROI

Jones Soda saw a 46% increase in mobile sales after launching their mobile site from WompMobile. For, another WompMobile customer, total online sales doubled in the first month.

If your website contributes to your bottom line (a near certainty), chances are, making your website mobile friendly will provide a positive ROI. Making your site mobile friendly could be much easier than you think. There are a few smart ways you can quickly make your existing website mobile friendly, even without making any changes to your existing site.

It's time to bring your business to mobile optimized arena. With affordable mobile web solutions available, you can't ignore this exciting and ever growing market any longer. Tap into mobile optimization and give your bottom line a boost.

Alissa French is a web developer and graphic designer. As Production Manager for WompMobile, she specializes in mobile optimization and mobile user interface design.