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Unbiased recommendations

How is Mint free?

Mint makes unbiased recommendations for ways you
can save on things like credit cards, home loans, and
insurance. Sometimes we get paid a small fee when
you switch to a new bank or company, which helps
keep our basic service free.

Get personalized advice

Get personalized advice.

Based on your spending habits—and savings goals—we’ll show
you the best financial products and services for helping you keep
more of your money. Mint ranks products in order of savings,
regardless if we get paid or not.

Feel good about your decisions.

Whether you ever act on our recommendations is up to you. We’re here to help you understand what’s
going on with your money, make smarter decisions, and reach your goals. And should you decide to use
our expanded products and services, we believe you’ll find they quickly pay for themselves with additional
savings and value.