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Knowing your credit score can help you get the things you want. Get yours free right in Mint, no credit card required.

Know where you stand, and what it means

Your credit score might be the best tool you never knew you had. A good one can save you loads on things like loans, credit cards, insurance and more. A bad one can keep you from getting what you want out of life down the road.

Fast and free, right in Mint

Just verify your identity, and you’ll get your free credit report summary within minutes. It’s especially helpful to see your credit score and accounts in the same place—with no need to log on anywhere else.

Get educated to get what you want

Improving your credit score starts with understanding it. We’ll explain how it’s calculated and help you get smart about your credit.1

Get credit monitoring alerts

Enjoy peace of mind with daily monitoring. Plus, you’ll get credit alerts whenever TransUnion® receives new credit information from creditors.

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1 Intuit is not a credit repair company. We do not provide credit repair services to repair or improve your credit profile or score. All information is provided for educational use only.

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