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Mint makes managing your personal finances a cinch. Be the master of your money so you can get more out of life.

Simple to use. Easy to understand.

Mint uses plain English, not the gobbledygook that shows up on your bank statements. For instance, we show “Target for $87.66” instead of “POS TGT X89G CHIC IL 87.66.” What’s more, we will automatically detect the right category so you can see spending totals across all your accounts.

screenshot showing Mint's Transactions page which looks very readable and clean

Easy to personalize

Mint has hundreds of categories, and it's easy to rename or re-categorize any transaction as you please. You can even add your own categories and have Mint automatically apply them every time.

Add your own tags, and organize your transactions as you choose.

See all the details

Mint automatically separates a $102 ATM withdrawal into $100 cash and $2 fee. And you can
 easily separate out purchases from one transaction into different categories, just in case you buy groceries, clothing and gifts all at one store.

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