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Rollover your 401k(k) to an IRA for greater retirement savings

Rollover your old 401(k) to an IRA for greater retirement savings.

  • $77
  • $7777

You may have an additional $7777 at retirement if you roll over.

Assumptions Assume retirement at age 65 with an annual market return of 7% on current 401(k) balance. 401(k) return assumes annual fund expense ratio of 0.7% and annual 401(k) administrative fee of 0.5%. IRA return assumes average annual fund expense ratio of 0.4%.

Lower fees = higher returns

401(k) accounts often have hidden administrative fees and higher fund management fees. These fees reduce your returns over time.

Enjoy more investment choices

The average 401(k) has ten funds. Rolling over to an IRA allows you to choose from thousands of funds, stocks, bonds or annuities to better meet your retirement goals.

Keep investments and tax-deferred status

A rollover enables you to transfer your 401(k) funds to your new IRA and maintains the tax-deferred status of your investments.

Consolidate your retirement savings

An average person changes jobs every 3½ years. Opening a Rollover IRA lets you roll over old 401(k)s and manage everything in one place.

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