The Ultimate Resource for Finding Scholarships

College is expensive and finding scholarships can make all the difference. Help pay for college with scholarships because every dollar of scholarship money you receive is one less dollar out of your family's pockets. While many students assume that their only other option is student loans, student loan repayments can be burdensome for a new graduate. Unlike student loans, scholarships help pay for college without the demands of repayment. Do everything you can to give yourself the financial freedom to go to the school you want, without fear of debt.

Finding scholarships can be a daunting process. While there are a vast number of scholarships available, it's up to you to find out what is available and what you qualify for. Do your research to make the most of your options. Scholarships are offered by various organizations to recognize a variety of different achievements. Because scholarships have different qualifications and deadlines so it's important to get started with your search as soon as possible. When researching, be sure to use reputable sources and be wary of potential scams. Here are a few resources to get you started on your scholarship search:

Finding and Applying for Scholarships

This step by step guide from the U.S. Department of Education walks you through the basics of how to apply for scholarships

Scholarships Overview

Learn the ins and outs of scholarships through this detailed overview from FinAid, a comprehensive student financial aid information resource

Where to Find Scholarships

These links from the Federal Student Aid website will point you toward federal and non-federal scholarship opportunities

Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Student Internships

The U.S. State Department provides detailed information on federal scholarships and programs that help you pay for college

Corporate Scholarships Programs

Scholarship America provides comprehensive listings of scholarship programs run by various corporations

Scholarship and Grant Resources

A quick scholarship resource guide from SUNY Albany

Scholarship Tips

This helpful list of real life tips from Western Carolina University gives you a great head start researching scholarships that apply to your life

Northern Kentucky University Scholarships

A list of scholarships available to prospective Northern Kentucky University Students

Scholarship Databases

This extensive resource from UCLA provides links and detailed information to various scholarship and grant databases for undergraduate and graduate school funding

Funding International Studies

Oregon State University's financial aid department offers tips and resources for finding scholarships to finance studying abroad

Safely Research Scholarships Online

Eastern Kentucky University provides tips and links for safely and effectively researching scholarships online

Virginia Tech Scholarship Resources

Provides a concise overview of finding scholarships for prospective Virginia Tech students and general scholarship search information

Scholarship Tips for High School Students

This article from Robert Morris University provides basic tips and helping starting points for high school students starting their scholarship search

Types of Scholarships

A brief overview of the three main types of scholarships

Effective Scholarship Searching

An article from UC Berkeley's scholarship database underlines the importance of an extensive but targeted scholarship search

Avoiding Scams

Resources from the University of South Florida on how to avoid scams during your scholarship search

Tips for Florida Residents

A quick article covering scholarship search tips, specific to Florida residents

Search resources for Idaho Residents

Scholarship information and database links for Idaho residents, provided by the Idaho Division of Professional and Technical Information

Scholarship Search and Potential Scams

A detailed advice guide for young high school students on starting their search early and effectively, from the Louisiana Department of Financial Assistance

Scholarships and Grants by Category

A list of resources from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, offering general scholarship advice and specific categories including deaf students, minorities, and teaching majors.

Starting Your Scholarship Search

A brief FAQ on scholarships and federal resources

Scholarships for Veteran's Family Members

This resource from the Massachusetts state Department of Veteran Services provides information on different scholarships available to family members of veterans.

Spouse and Dependent Scholarships

A list of scholarships contingent on applicant's spouse or parents' affiliation with certain groups

Preparing to Find Scholarships

General advice for younger high school students on how to find scholarships

Protect Yourself From Scholarship Scams

Advice from the Illinois State Attorney General on how to avoid scholarship scams

Scholarship Myths and Scams

Common myths and scams you may come across during the scholarship search

National Health Service Corps

One of many government scholarship program for students pursuing jobs in the health care field

How to Maximize Scholarship Search

Tips on how you can make the most of your scholarship search

Students with Disabilities

This federal site provides a selection of scholarships and financial aid resources for students with disabilities

California Student Aid Commission

Tips and resources for California residents looking for scholarships and other college planning considerations to help lower your costs

Veteran Scholarship Resources

A large collection of links to scholarship and grant information for veterans, with many resources that help veterans make the most of their GI Bill benefits

Vocational Students

The state of Wisconsin's Department of Workforce Developments provides a list of scholarship websites applicable to vocational rehabilitation

Georgia HOPE Scholarship Program

The official site for the state of Georgia's large scale scholarship and grant program for qualifying students

State of Tennessee HOPE Scholarship

Statewide scholarship program for the state of Tennessee, offering scholarships to all students meeting certain qualifications

Washington D.C. Student Funding Resources

General and Washington D.C. specific scholarship resources

Science Scholarships

A database of science scholarships for various levels of study

New Americans and Minorities (PDF)

College prep and scholarship advice for new American and minority students

Scholarships for Minority Students

A list, released by the FAA, of scholarships for minority students

Latina/Latino Student Scholarships in WA (PDF)

A guide to scholarships programs and resources available to Latina/Latino students in the state of Washington

Scholarship Resources for Women

The University of New Mexico provides a comprehensive guide to general and women-specific scholarship opportunities

By Kelly Anderson